The digital for agricultural entrepreneurs

The profile of livestock farming has seen huge developments. Innovations help farmers increase their profitability at barn level. One of these innovations is the smart application of data: collecting, analysing and utilising data offers dairy farmers a way of improving efficiency and operational sustainability.

SmartDairyFarming is developing a digital highway for farm-generated data. With the farmer’s consent, a data hub is used as a platform to release this data for a variety of applications. This information is retrieved from various sensors and other technological devices on the farm. The data can be applied in decision-making models, process descriptions and advisory products that farmers can use to take better-informed management decisions relating to animal health, fertility and nutrition. Making better decisions will in turn lead to healthier, longer-lived cattle with higher lifetime production.

Focus on the individual cow
Stock management at herd level is not accurate enough to enable optimal attention for individual animals. Sensors, index figures and decision-making models can help farmers establish the precise needs of individual cows, and make the right choices.

Adequate application of the data exchange functionality of the data hub will ensure that:

  1. The environmental impact of dairy farming is reduced to below European standards (phosphate, nitrogen and carbon footprint);
  2. Chain-wide efficiency is augmented (prediction of milk and phosphate production);
  3. Animal health and welfare is enhanced in the interests and to the benefit of society and the sector (reduced antibiotic use, greater longevity of cows, general animal health)
  4. Food safety in the chain is improved (tracking & tracing)